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Established in 2023, Aphise is a pioneering recruitment consultancy firm, employing psychological insights to aid businesses in overcoming their human resource and cultural obstacles.

At Aphise, our core conviction revolves around the pivotal role of individuals in achieving success. This is the driving force behind our dedicated efforts to ensure accurate initial hires. Employing a consultative methodology, we enhance the recruitment procedure through the implementation of psychology-backed assessments and in-person psychological analyses. Conducted by a qualified psychologist, this procedure is tailored to fit the specific job position and client requirements.

Our assessments are designed to gauge a spectrum of skills, such as an individual’s personality, interpersonal dynamics, cognitive approaches, and emotional responses. This method is showcased as it enables sophisticated and specific evaluations when assessing a candidate’s suitability for both the job role and organisational culture.


Among our array of assessments is the occupational personality questionnaire, which gauges 32 distinct personality traits to gain a profound understanding of an individual’s behavioral tendencies and their influence on job performance. This structured approach permits a comprehensive analysis, enabling us to gather pertinent details about the candidate. This, in turn, enhances the recruitment process and delivers substantial value on a broader scope.